Cleaning for your family’s health

Let’s face it; your home can be a hectic place. On any given day you’re likely to have a never-ending to-do list from cooking, to cleaning, to doing laundry and helping with homework. Cleaning for your family’s well-being is one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about, but with research showing the toxicity of general household cleaners, it’s no surprise a lot of parents are left feeling a little overwhelmed. When it comes to keeping your home a healthy, toxin-free environment, knowledge is power.

What to avoid

We’re all used to reading food labels to minimise our intake of harmful ingredients like trans fats, but how often do you read the label of your household cleaners, soaps and air fresheners? The myth is officially busted; many commercial cleaning products are NOT safe for our families. More often than not, they contain highly-toxic ingredients like parabens, phthalates, ammonia and bleach that are known endocrine disruptors and pose a threat to the well-being and development of our loved ones. Sometimes even if a product is labelled “natural” or “organic”, they can still have awful stuff lurking in the bottle. Our advice? Always avoid anything branded “antibacterial” or that “kills 99.9% of germs” (we need bacteria) and search the EWG database for any products or ingredients you’re unsure.  

Bacteria is your best ally

Another misconception is that we need to wipe out germs in order to “clean” our home. This idea hurts us a little, because we’re all about bacteria. In fact, our bodies are made of more bacteria than anything else. These little guys are formed at birth and are pretty much responsible for the normal functioning of our body’s physiological processes - it’s a fairly big job. So, it’s no surprise that to maintain our health we need to create an environment (both and in and outside of our body) that has a vibrant and balanced ecosystem of bacteria. When our bacteria (or microbiome) are thriving, we feel energised, sleep better and can think clearly. Sounds great, right? If you think about how much heavy lifting bacteria does for our body, imagine what it could do for our home.

Feeding the culture in your home

Ok, you get it - bacteria is essential. But you might be asking - “how do I feed the culture of bacteria in my home?” If you haven’t picked up on our name by now (surely you have), we’re in the business of bacteria. When you clean with our probiotic cleaners, you’re letting loose millions of good bacteria in your home to fight against any nasty germs. They’re also very hard workers, as they continue to detox the surfaces around you long after you’ve cleaned. Rather than wiping out all bugs, our cleaners naturally rebalance your home’s ecosystem; creating an environment that is safe for your family and pets to roam. The best news? Not only is your home free from any toxic chemicals, but a balanced bacteria in your home means a happy microbiome in the bodies of your family.

Keeping your home a thriving oasis for your family is simple with probiotics - and we’ve got you covered there. Now onto the never-ending to-do list…