Are air fresheners really what they seem?

Homes are an oasis; a very small slice of the world that you get to call your own. It’s no surprise that you aspire to have them clean, tidy and smelling amazing. But how far have you been willing to go, to get that signature ocean breeze scent?

Why commercial air fresheners stink

Put simply, they are FULL of chemicals. Many of which are known endocrine disruptors and can wreak havoc on our body’s physiological and hormonal processes. Not only do they threaten our health, most commercial air fresheners don’t actually fix the smell. Some contain chemicals which when inhaled, block our smell receptors and thus the smell is… *poof* gone! Others simply coat our smell receptors with an oily film to mask the smell – ew! Are you beginning to see the trend here? Commercial air fresheners are not in the business of removing odour, their priority is covering it up with a nicer (more toxic) scent.

What to look out for

Ever noticed how “ocean breeze” smells nothing like the ocean at all? That’s because it’s a synthetic fragrance, filled with chemicals that do more harm than good. Your regular, off-the-shelf air freshener is likely to contain some form of phthalates, aldehydes or benzene derivatives. Plus a long list of other toxic ingredients the company isn’t required to disclose on the label. These are nasty chemicals, which have been linked to asthma, reproductive issues and cancer. Scary, we know! Reading the product labels is the easiest way to avoid these bad boys invading your home. If the packaging contains the words “fragrance”, “scent” or “perfume” it’s likely to be filled with unwanted ingredients. If you’re still not confident, you can search for the product on the EWG database to be sure it’s safe.

A natural way to freshen your home

Having a home that smells like an aromatic haven doesn’t have to be hard work, nor does it need to be toxic. No DIY jobs here; just a natural, healthier way to clean. First things first, what is causing you to reach for the can of evil-spray? If it’s something that can be removed, remove it! The air around you is filled with bacteria. When it’s out of whack and the nasties have overgrown, you wind up with – you guessed it, odour! Deal with the problem directly, open your windows and get the air flowing through your home. When it comes to rebalancing and cleaning your home, bacteria is your BEST ally. Why? You need both good and bad bacteria to create an optimal, balanced environment. Packed with organic essential oils, our probiotic Room Refresh spray sends millions of friendly bacteria free in your home to harmonise the tiny ecosystem. These guys will keep working long after you’ve sprayed, leaving your home feeling rejuvenated and smelling incredible.

While it might be goodbye to “tropical forest” and “coconut bliss”, it’s hello to a flourishing, vibrant home where your family’s health can thrive.