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Buyer Beware!!!  Labels on your cleaning products


  1. Kills 99.9% germs

Did you know that this claim is only true whilst the surface is still wet. As soons as it is dry bacteria repopulate and within 8 hours the bacteria count is back to where it was before you cleaned. So overnight. Remember not all bacteria is bad. A well balanced Microbiome is what you want. 

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  1. Organic

Products can feature the word 'organic' in their title and not contain a single organic ingredient. Look for products 'Certified Organic' and the ACO logo which has its own strict standard that has been approved by the government. It means the products or 100% of the ingredients in the product are organic.


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  1. Natural

This word is also famously a marketing ploy. Many of us looked at products and thought that this must be a better choice if it’s natural. It must be better than a product that doesn’t claim otherwise so you decide to get this product instead of the alternative. That’s what most of us would probably do. Because there are few regulations governing the labeling of “natural” products, manufacturers can include ingredients that may not be considered natural by some consumers. Cheetos are labeled as natural, and high fructose corn syrup can also be included in products with the “natural” label (which is probably not something most of us would expect). Arsenic is also natural would you want it in your household products 

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